Vishwaniketan's i-MEET

Criterion I: Curricular Aspects

Sr. NoTitleReport File
1.1Curriculum Planning and Implementation
 1.1.1 Effective Curriculum Delivery                       1.1.1
1.1.1 Additional info
 1.1.2 Department Academic Calender1.1.2
1.1.2 Additional info
 1.1.3 Teachers Participations1.1.3
1.1.3 Additional info
1.2Academic Flexibility
 1.2.1 CBCS/ Elective course system implemented1.2.1
1.2.1 Additional info
 1.2.2 Add on /Certificate programs offered1.2.2
1.2.2 Additional info
1.2.2 Brochure & Reports
 1.2.3 Students enrolled in Certificate/ Add-on programs1.2.3
1.2.3 Additional info
1.3Curriculum Enrichment
 1.3.1 Professional Ethics, Gender, Human Values, Environment and Sustainability1.3.1
1.3.1 Additional info
1.3.1_Info on courses addressing the issue
 1.3.2 Experiential learning through project work/field work/internship1.3.2
1.3.2 Additional info
1.3.2_MoM DAB
 1.3.3 Students undertaking project work/field work/internships1.3.3
1.3.3 Additional info
1.4Feedback System
 1.4.1 Stakeholder feedback report1.4.1
1.4.1 Additional info
 1.4.2 Feedback action taken report1.4.2
1.4.2 Additional info